Bouzouki maker query, please


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Dear Friends,

may I ask for your help with some information?

I have a bouzouki that I bought here from an instrument shop in London. It’s labelled ‘Geor. Kalkepsos’ inside & also stamped into the wood. Could anyone tell me anything about this maker? The bouzouki sounds and feels good.

Geor. Kalkepsos
riga feraiou 73
Keratsini (?)
tel: 43 11 913

stamped into wood on back of head/end of bowl:
G Kalkepsos

The bowl has 65 ‘lines’ - I think walnut and rosewood, or perhaps just
different stripes of varied walnut. That’s a guess.

Thanks for any help or insight,


hello my friend !

what exactly you want to know ?
i know kalksepsos is a good bouzouki maker.
i have heared a bouzouki of my friend made by kalkepsos and is very good.
i havent bouzouki from him but i think is a good maker.

are you greek ?
what is the price of your bouzouki ?
what else ?

[email protected]

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dear aris k,
thanks for your comment. I’m interested to learn a little more about Kalkepsos - for instance if he is still alive, if his workshop is still open etc. I’m not trying to sell the instrument, just trying to learn something more about it!
ps - I’m english.


kalkepsos is alive and working i think.

i ask how much did you bought the bouzouki.


i m greek (sorry for my english)

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dear aris,
thanks for your note. I bought the instrument in London around 8 years ago for english pounds £275 (about US dollars 400). It was for sale in a small music shop - not a bouzouki specialist.

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Ποιος μπορεί να μου δώσει το τηλέφωνο και να μου πει που βρίσκεται ο κατασκευαστής Θεόφιλος Μπράς;


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Ο Θεόφιλος μένει στο γεροβουνό αλλα είναι λίγο δύσκολο να τον βρείς.
Πάρε με τηλέφωνο να σου πώ αναλυτικά

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concerning the last 2 messages sept 16 (re Kalkepsis??) - sorry, I can’t read these 2 - if relating to kalkepsis bouzouki, could someone please help me with the message contents in english version?
thank you,

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Mr Benomano, the last two messages have no reference to Kalkepsos

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Mr Kostas, thank you for your help.

In the meantime, I have heard from a friend visiting Greece the following information:

"…this instrument maker^s shop still exists, only it^s not at the old address any more, it^s moved at a place nearby, at:

Miltiadi Malakasi 32

However, the phone number is the same (43 11 913), so you can reach them at that number.

The person who made your buzuki, George Kalkepsos,
still makes instruments. His son, to whom I spoke,
also makes buzuki-s…"

If anyone out there knows this new shop or has tried the instruments, please let me know,



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Well… I’m a little late, but better late than never. I know that both Theodoros Kambouridis and the incomparable Yiannis Paleologou both play Kalkepsos instruments. From all accounts, they are very well made bouzoukia and if the bouzouki you have is in good condition and sounds good, you acquired it for a very reasonable price!

take care,

makis koutoulas

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hello makis koutoulas,

thanks indeed for your message. If I ever get to Athens I will be certain to go to Mr Kalkepsos’ workshop. My bouzouki does feel & sound very good. I’m honoured to be in such good company,



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Dear bouzouki fans

I am looking for a bouzouki at a reasonable price in order to play it and since I am a beginner;it doesn’t have to be a " pro-concert-type ".
If the sound is ok the esthetics are not important. What I mean is that a second hand bouzouki could do the job aswell.
So, I hope to hear from you…
By the way : I am learning greek since September
last year…you can write me some simple sentences in greek, a good practice for me.
I will spent my hollidays in the Peloponnessos
( 60 km from Korinthos ) and I could visit a bouzouki builder while being there for 1 month,
even if it is as far as Athens ( addresses please)

By the way where can I find Keratsini?

Please mail: [email protected]

Thanks to you all


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about the kalkepsos bouzouki; if you send mor details on the look and construction it would help. £250 for one of his instruments sounds like a bargain, but more detail will help give an approximate price.

from the University of London.