Bouzouki Instructional DVD series (

Greetings all.

Check out our website at:

This is a very comprehensive 5 hour long DVD tutorial on the “tetrachordo” and “trixordo” bouzouki.

It includes all the major scales, their chords, sample songs and riffs and many more tidbits of information.

We have used multiple camera angles to illustrate some of the fine points and there are multiple interactive menus to make learning the bouzouki a more enjoyable experience.

There are also multiple video clips on or website to provide a sample of the actual series.


Harry G.


sounds great but how much does this cost ?


The sales price has not yet been determined. We are aiming around the $330 (US dollars) range.


Harry G.

thanks harry
im sure you put a lot of dedication in making this availible and im sure it is worth it but i hope people will find that much to spend not a problem. i wish you all the best with it.


Perhaps people in Greece will find it a bit expensive since the buying power compared to, let’s say, the USA is at least a third or less…
In any case, congratulations on your product and I wish you many sales.

Hi Harry,

I also want to congratulate you. From a first look it looks like a true bouzouki students (and teachers) dream. I wish there weres such programs around when I started learning bouzouki.

Only caveat? The price, as pointed out above, will deter all but the most wealthy and lazy ones.

Still though a great piece of work. By the way, are you going to put in demos of the program?

Για όποιον ενδιαφέρεται: Σημερινή τιμή $ 149,- .