Discography of Rebetiko-Recordings? Maybe you can help

Hello! I’m looking for something like a catalog/discography of greek 78 rpm recordings (pre and post-war). Do you know if there’s anything like that available? Thanks very much!! Oum Shatt

Hello Oum. The only extensive catalog of greek 78 rpm recordings that has been published, as far as I know, is one by Dionysis Maniatis titled Η εκ περάτων δισκογραφία γραμμοφώνου (transliteration: E ek peraton diskografia gramofonou). There are two versions: a physical print and a digital edition. For the physical print you should contact the author at (+30) 2102792068. For the digital edition visit this page: http://www.rebetiko.gr/maniatis/order.php (don’t know if they ship abroad, maybe contact them here before you order).

Even though there are considerable mistakes on Maniatis’s work, many of them are understandable due to the sheer volume of data he had to manage as well as the complete lack of information in many other cases. Some mistakes are not so understandable and could have been avoided but overall Maniatis’s work is impressive, extremely valuable and it did provide us with information that was previously unknown (to most of us at least). If you are going to use it in a research paper or something like that, try to cross-reference as much as possible with other source material (for instance, disc labels). For private use I guess it’s fine, more or less.Kostas

Thank you very much for your detailed answer! Will check it out. I already knew the online search tool of this site (rembetiko.gr) but there’s a couple of songs which i couldn’t find. In total it’s quite useful. Will try to order the CD. Thanks again, great site and forum is this here - will definitely try to learn greek in the future. Best regards, Oum

you could also check the site “rebetiko.sealabs.net” which is a database of greek 78rpm songs and information about them. it has also a forum with people who could help (many are common with this forum).

thank you all + best wishes from berlin.