Giorgos Kamvisis birth/death, etc.

Hi folks,
Haven’t been on here a while, and I’m hoping you can answer a few questions for me that I can’t find on the internet.

Does anyone know what year Giorgos Kamvisis died?

And did Dragatsis or Peristeris write De se thelo, sung by Georgia Mitaki?

Thanks in advance. My rebetiko novel is in the final stages of editing before its release next spring, and I need to get a few pieces of information regarding songs and composer (and other things).


Hey mate…

Ogdontakis (Dragatsis) did write De se thelo, sung by Mitaki…But i have no details about Kamvisi’s birth day or death… I think it’s quite difficult to find some though… Good luck with your novel anyway :slight_smile:

Πάρτε την Ψευτομηχανή του Καμβύση.

Dear Kyveli, Maniatis refers to two songs:
1: Δεν σε θέλω πιά, singing Γεωργία Μιττάκη, composer and verses Γ. Δραγάτσης (Ογδοντάκης), Odeon GA - 1888, released 1935 and
2: Δεν σε θέλω, again Γεωργία Μιττάκη, composer Ζαχ. Κασιμάτης, verses Σπ. Περιστέρης, Odeon GA - 1945, released 1936.

No. 1 starts with «Δεν σε θέλω βρε συ μόρτη, δεν σε ΄θέλω πιά», No. 2 with «κάθε μέρα θα γλεντάω». Both are karsilamas.

On Kamvisis I could not find any evidence, sorry!

Thanks guys. I’ve got the 2nd Mitaki song in mind, which creates a little problem vis a vis copyright. As for Kamvisis, I guess I’ll keep searching.

Kyveli, look for the book “Αθηναϊκή Επιθεώρηση” by Theodoros Chadjipantazis, Ermis, Athens, 1977.

Thanks Nikos, but that’s probably going to be hard to find and get in the short time I have to answer my question. (I’m on a deadine.) Maybe someone on this forum already has this book?

There’s some info on Kamvysis in the dictionary of greek music by Kaloyeropoulos, unfortunately no dates. See article on Petros Kyriakos