Does anyone have this book? Αθηναϊκή Επιθεώρηση" by Theodoros Chadjipantazis, Ermis,

In another post, Nikos Politis suggested I look at this book to find some information on the death of Kamvisis. I’m on a deadline, so finding it online and getting it sent to Canada might take too long. If anyone has it, perhaps you can find this small piece of info for me? I’d be very grateful.

(And I read Greek, so you can answer in Greek.)

Thanks in advance.:043:


Γεια σου Kivelli.
Εδω ειναι μερικα αποσπασματα απο το βιβλιο που ψαχνεις!!!

Η Αθηναϊκή επιθεώρηση.

Μπορείς να το αγοράσεις απο εδώ: