Rembetika Festival? - Ύδρα

Any more information about the Rembetika Festival that is supposed to be on Hydra in October? Any info appreciated.

Is the Rembetika Festival going to take place next month in Hydra or not? If positive, whom do I contact to make reservations?

I believe it’s been “moved up” to Oct of 2001.
At least that’s what Ed Emery has noted on his web Site at

I received the following message:

“I know this is why out there but let me explain first. I ran across your post to Re: Re: Re: bouzouki brotherhood, in it you mentioned Nick Gravenetis. I have been trying to find him for a while. He is a cousin to my mother Elaine. Her
parent died about 35 years ago. She has mentioned a few time that Nick is the only relative she knows who might be alive. She would like to get in contact with him by mail or phone. We are not looking for anything but maybe family conversation to fill in the holes. Would you have any idea where I could write him? I am truly sorry to bother you. Thank you for reading this.

Can you help?


P.S. I liked the term “bouzouki brotherhood”…

Hi Costas

I think it might be a good idea to send me this womans email address. I know (approximately) where he is, and I might be able to help her locate him, IF she is “legit”. But I will need to email her first in order to make that determination.

By the way, when is that new CD set for “Apopse sto Thoma” going to become available?

I will be in Greece during september, especially in Athens. I am looking for a place where I could heard rebetiko. Thanks for your help. Pierre

I doubt if small places called “rembetadhika” are working in September.
But very possibly, there shall be my “Cafe Aman” expanded rembetiko program, in “Asteria” night club, in Glyfada.