REBETIKO CONFERENCE - HYDRA - 13-17 October 2004

13 July 2004

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to attend our fourth annual conference

Present Projects and Future Prospects

To be held on the Island of Hydra on
Wednesday 13 October to Sunday 17 October 2004

If you wish to register your name for this year’s Conference you can reserve a place by sending an e-mail to Reservations will be regarded as provisional until your payment has been received.

Full details of this year’s event are posted as they become available at A Registration Form can also be found at that site.

The provisional list of speakers is attached below.

With rebetological greetings,

Ed Emery


Provisional List of Speakers, in Alphabetical Order
All speakers and titles to be confirmed

ALI FUAT AYDIN of Izmir, Turkey: “An account fieldwork researching the zeibekiko in Turkey.” [In English, with notes pre-circulated]

CAHIT BAYLAV of London, UK: A contribution on Maqam in Turkey. [In English]

ALBERTO LOPEZ CONEJERO of Madrid, Spain: “Observations on diglossia in Rebetiko, Flamenco and Muwashshahaat” [In Greek]

MARC DUBIN of London, UK: “Roads and Modes in the Construction of a CD Compilation” [In English]

ED EMERY of the Institute of Rebetology [London]: "Ces notes autres que le ton et le demi-ton: The ‘30 Melodies of Greece and the Orient’ collected by Bourgault-Ducoudray " [In English]

PAVLOS EREVNIDIS of Athens, Greece: “The Musical Technique of Rebetiko Instrumentalists: differences and similarities with practices in Istanbul” [In English]

KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS of Thessaloniki, Greece: “The Violin in the Anatolian tradition” [In English]

KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS of Thessaloniki, Greece: A small concert recital of the Collected Songs of Bourgault-Ducoudray: “30 Melodies of Greece and the Orient”.

GAIL HOLST-WARHAFT of Cornell University, USA: “Further on the Nationalizing of the Amanedhes” [In English]

GEORGE KYRIAKIDIS of Melbourne, Australia: a teleconference presentation on the subject of his vintage Turconi Laterna. An invitation has also been extended to the people who wrote the wonderful laterna article at [In English]

JASON MELISSINOS of Athens, Greece: a Shadow Theatre presentation entitled “Karaghiozis o sfoungaras” (“Karaghiozis the Spongefisher”), in honour of the traditional industry of the island of Hydra.

NIKOS POLITIS of Athens, Greece: A paper on Amanedhes. [Title t.b.a.]

MADELYN TAYLOR of California, USA: A dance workshop on “Dance modes of Greece and Anatolia”

KAROLOS TSAKIRIAN of Piraeus, Greece. Will speak on his life and times as an instrument-maker “Made by Hand - Played by Heart: The Life of an Instrument-Maker” [In English]

ANDREAS TSEKOURAS of Athens, Greece. Invited to speak on “Understanding the Modes of Greek Music” [In English]

*****TOS TSIAMOULIS of Athens, Greece. Will give two seminars based on work that he is doing at the Odeion Athinon. He will give a detailed exposition of the theory of roads and modes, and will conduct a workshop looking at how they work in practice. [In Greek and English] [Summary]

The names of the MUSICIANS for our big Saturday Night Rebetiko Supper will be announced at the end of the summer.

For those of you who have asked for MUSIC LESSONS with Greek teachers, we are negotiating with the MUSEUM OF FOLK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in Athens, to do a day of instrumental workshops on the Wednesday before the Conference starts (13 October 2004). If you want to join these, please inform us.

ALSO, for those who are interested: on the weekend preceding the Hydra Conference (8-10 October 2004) we are organising a conference in London entitled THE MUWASHSHAH: HISTORY, ORIGINS AND PRESENT PRACTICES. Website This will include a round-table session with the title “Roads and Modes, Taximia and Maqams”, where we shall look at Arabic musical theory and practice, and the way they spill into over into “Western” music.


Ed Emery
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