SOAS Rebetiko Band in Thessaloniki - Weekend of 1-2 October

Dear All,

This is a little note to inform you that the SOAS Rebetiko Band [School of Oriental and African Studies, London] will be travelling to Thessaloniki on the weekend of 1-2 October 2022.

We have prepared a small concert programme of songs, entitled “Anathema se thalassa”, which we shall perform in Thessaloniki…

We shall also look forward to meeting rebetiko colleagues from in and around Thessaloniki, in order to do informal music-making.

If you would like to join these activities, please write to me at:

With best regards,


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Hi Ed,

It may worth mentioning also the place/venue you will be performing at , along with some information on the band etc .

Hope you have a great time !


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Hello People.

All very, ha ha…!

Yes, we are coming to Thessaloniki.

Yes, we would love to meet with local rebetiko musicians.

I think that on the night of Saturday 1 October we shall be playing informally at Manitari near the Rotonda

And at lunchtime on Saturday 1 October we shall play informally at the Triaktis restaurant.

These arrangements are not yet confirmed, but that is the plan.

If you would like to join us, please send me an e-mail at the following address so that we can be in touch for updates.

With rebetological greetings,


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