Sibel Bilgiç alışamadım

I try to find Turkish singer song Greek version
Who can help me?

Hey @Orçun_Pehlivan and welcome to,

Unfortunately, you are in the wrong community. This community is only about greek Rebetiko and traditional music. This song unfortunately is not in this category, so I doubt that anybody here will be able to help you.

But, feel free to browse the rest of the site (although it is mostly in greek). Rebetiko is a music that has many turkish characteristics in it, some even say that rebetiko has common roots with turkish traditional music.

I know.I have blog page.And many Turkish&Greek common songs

True, what Chrispanag says, but the singer is a high class performer, being a very beautiful girl at the same time!

Ah, I saw your post after having posted myself! When you talk of common Turkish / Greek songs, are you talking of old, traditional songs, or modern music? The song Sibel Bilgic sings could very well be a Greek modern song, too!

All sytle music.Modern or traditional.It must be only turkish&greek common song.I think Sibel Bilgiç song “Alışamadım” have greek version.Maybe 1997-2002.It must be man greek singer.But i cant find.Sorry my english language.I think you understand me :slight_smile:

Also I dont want write blog page address.Maybe admin will be blocked me.
Blog name turkgreek.

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I could perhaps help you, if you are able to give original song name in Greek. Otherwise sorry, I am not familiar with the greek pop music…

Nikos problem here.I dont know this song greek version.If i know i will write.

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