The Life of Georgios Tsoros M. Bate, The Mangas and King of Pirδus, Mr. "Zorz" Batis

Hello communitiy of Rebetika,

i΄ve written a story of the life of G. BATIS in german language.

Please write me back!

Simon / Stuttgart-Germany

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Hello Simon and welcome to THE forum. Could you give us more details about your “story”? What is it? Is it a biography, an article, a novel or what?

Mpagioko, eskises me to “or what?” !!!
“ωρ, τι” μας λεει ετουτος;
Yπαρχουν βιογραφικα στοιχεια του Mπατη στα γερμανικα και εδω δεν εχουμε τιποτις; Που να βρηκε τα στοιχεια;

Hallo Simon,
wuerde gerne mehr Inforamtionen ueber diese Buch haben. Wann hast du es geschrieben, und warum??? Wie kommt mann dazu als Deutscher gerade ueber Batis zu schreiben, der hier im noerdlichen Teil Europas nicht “allzubekannt” ist ???
Ist es schon veroeffentlicht worden…???( ISBN )


Oh my god! Dear friends!

Thank you for your questions! Maybe my answer is too late :frowning:

I did not know, that you answered to me. Sorry. NOW i see this thread the first time after so many years! I wrote no book, it was just a manuscript and i made a music-lecture 2003 in Böblingen. WHY BATIS?
Because i bought a BAGLAMAS :-), 2000 in Athens. Vamvakaris was to difficult for me but Batis has simple songs and it was easier for me to play. And i love his life, his biographie, i had the informations from the CD and from the books about Rembetiko and from the Forum

okay, this was before many years.

Now i want to write a new manuskript:

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The red picture made a girlfriend for me and on the foto you can read O MAGKAS with the original letters from Batis’ Baglamas

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