Rebetiko Carnival - Λονδίνο 2023

Γεια όσους φίλους βρίσκονται Λονδίνο και μπορεί να ενδιαφέρονται. Έχω την τύχη να είμαι στην ομάδα διοργάνωσης του φεστιβάλ από το 2014.
Αυτό είναι το πρώτο φεστιβάλ μετά την πανδημία με έναν μήνα γεμάτο συναυλίες και σεμινάρια!

Μερικά λόγια για το φεστιβάλ :

The Rebetiko Carnival became an official Charity in April 2016 dedicated to concerts, education, community and outreach work. However, the idea began with a festival in 2014 with some of the greatest musicians in rebetiko coming from Greece to perform, as well as bands based in the UK. This has been the culmination of a thriving community of Greek music in London that has been evolving from long before 2014, bringing together people from all different backgrounds and interests.

*The outreach involves working in hospitals, hospices, special needs residences, communal centres people with disabilities and prisons . We use Greek music as a therapy for those who need it. From it’s beautiful melodies that can be both uplifting and consoling to the rhythms that are incredible for any kind of body movement, musicians have been all over the country bringing this kind of relief to these communities. in the current situation with lockdowns and people being even more isolated, we have endeavoured to create video performances especially for these communities.

Education is also an important part of our work. In today’s schools world music as well as Greek classical civilization is a part of young students’ education in English schools, so the group endeavor to take their music to non Greek speaking children and introduce them to the many riches they can explore through Greek music. Here they teach principles that apply to all music about improvisation, composition, ensemble playing, listening and performing through the medium of Greek music.

Community work involves projects that bring all generations of the community together from 5 years old to 100 years old. We have a community choir, jam sessions for students and amateurs who create their own bands and perform. There are also workshops and seminars ranging from instrumental to history, instrument making, puppet shows and all sorts of family events.

So, although the Rebetiko Carnival began life with a small group of musicians, now, in 2021 it has become a collaboration between many, who all give their ideas, energy and time into this wonderful, multi layered and all embracing cause.

  • The promotion of Greek music
  • The support of musicians and artists
  • Outreach and community work
  • Education for Greek and non Greek schools.*
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