Laouto brand bouzouki strings

I have been told that Laouto brand bouzouki strings are the best, and are played by more professional bouzoukist in Greece. These are the strings with the colored felt windings at the loop. I think they are made by a small company in Athens. Does anybody know of an Internet source for these strings, or if the maker has a web site or email address, or even a telephone number would be useful. Thanks.

I suppose you don’t understand greek since you wrote your message in english… I don’t think they are the best strings (I preffer D’addario), anyway, if you want them, I thnik you could order from music stores. I know the address of one in Athens which could send you by mail:
Mousikos Oikos Trimi
Harilaou Trikoupi 1 A - 106 78 Athina
tel. 3830816 fax 6450302

Thanks for the information. I do understand Greek, to a certain extent, but my computer turns it into a mess, despite numerous attempt to set Windows and America On-Line to accept Greek characters. Anyway, I think somebody once told me not to use D’addario strings because they are really made for guitar and repackaged as bouzouki strings, and the tension will be too great for the bouzouki neck. This is just what I heard. I have used the Konstantellos and Kalis strings, and both seem good. I just heard the Laouto were the best, and wanted to try them. Thanks

I must correct myself. It was LaBella strings I was told not to use not D’addario. If anyone has any experience, good or bad with any strings, please let the forum know. Thanks.