To Skripto - Lyrics and chords for over 1000 Greek Songs

A while ago someone posted the text below onto one of these forums. However, the website indicates that these files are no longer available from that site. Does anyone have a copy of these files that they can send to me?
my address is
thanks a lot!!!

Hi everybody,

maybe you are interested in five Songbooks containing lyrics and chords for 1000+ well-known greek songs, including a full alphabetical index and tables of the basic chords for guitar, baglama and laouto (lute).

This is a not-for-profit project. You can download the books from the following web address:

Geia xara,

O Neos Web-Kitharodos

The new adress from the
is now:

The books are not availeble but you can download for free song by song.
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