What's the song called?

(dirk) #1

Geia sas,
I´m looking for a song title and the name of the composer.
Here´s the song

It was the intro of an ERT radio show about rempetiko. The show had the word “rempetiko” in it´s title and ran until last year.

Thank you very much for help!!!

(Πάνος Καραγιώργος) #2

Hello dirk.

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say by “I´m”, “Here´s” and “it´s”. Could you be a bit more clear?

Also, the link you’ve written down is dead. Check for possible errors.

(dirk) #3

Hello Panos,

the “acute” is probably because I used an apostrophe in the short form for “I am” and “it is”. Sorry about the dead link. I will upload the file again and hope that it will work this time.


(zabe) #4

The name is Penies Bempi.

(dirk) #5

Okay, thanks. Penies Mpemph by Dimitris Stergioy Mpemphs. Any idea where I can find a good version of the song?

(Πάνος Καραγιώργος) #6

Dirk this piece can be found, for example, in the album Λαϊκοί δεξιοτέχνες (πρώτο μέρος). Alternatively, you can downolad it from this site.

Nevertheless, I recommend you buy both these cd’s (the second part as well) if you get the chance, as they have a nice collection of orchestric pieces from some of the big guys. If some of them fit your tastes others may not, but all around it’s worth having.


(Παραδοξολόγος) #7

Γειά σου Ντιρκ, καλώς ήρθες στο φόρουμ.

Wir sehen uns naechste Montag, bis dann!