The most passionate and most "sad" way of rebetico of the times and in the world

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would anybody be able to tell me the name of the musician (also singer) of the most passionate and most “sad” (!) way of rebetico “of the times and in the world”…? - - -

and how and where to find it today on CD? -

if you are some sort of “professor” (?) or really sort of specialist in this field of music (or/and other “severe kind of songs”, too etc.),if you’d be in a position to give me some information and maybe point me in the right direction,where and how I could find/get then some of the most “tragical”(!) rebetico music one can find at all (old or new), p l e a s e let me know as soon as possible and answer by e-mail(unfortunately I can’t speak Greek at all, I’m sorry - but the sound of music is the greatest and most direct language anyway…),

thank you so much!


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For a good start, go to
and search the site (by album name) with the following keywords
“rembetika”, “rembetiko”, “rebetiko”, “rebetika”

When done with this site, check the following ones:

“Sad” and “tragical” are words of relative value. (e.g. I don’t know any sad rembetiko, and I must have heard over 95% of this kind of music)

Hope I’ve helped,

Kostas Kourounis

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There are a few CD “Reviews” at this URL in English.

You might want to check them out .

Chicago PT

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Ruth, for me two of the most characteristic examples for the type of rebetico music you are looking for (“sad”, “tragical” etc.) are the two following CDs:

“O Stelios Kazantzidis tragouda Vasili Tsitsani”

(The CD consists of 16 songs of the period 1957 to 1963 in their original versions.)

“O Kazantzidis kai ta rembetika”

(12 songs of various composers recorded in the 50ies, the sound quality in some of the songs is not very good.)

I did not check it now in detail but I think you can obtain these CDs for example at

  • (Thessaloniki)

  • (Athens)
    (mentioned already by Kostas Kourounis)

  • (Athens / quite cheap: the
    first CD I mentioned you can get there for only
    12 dollars)

  • (Toronto/Canada)


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Thanks to Kostas Kourounis,Chicago PT and to Michael for helping and understanding what I’m heading for

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Hi Ruth
I’m no expert in this field (I’m not even Greek), but I suggest you listen to some “aman” songs or “amanedhes”. This is very old style rembetika and often has a very mournfull quality to it. Maybe someone in this group can point out a good cd in this area.
Ludo B