Harmonica players

Yia Sou
I’m new to this group. My name is Ludo (from Belgium) and I’m a harmonicaplayer. Rembetika and amanedhes interest me very much.
Is there anyone else who plays harmonica on this group, or knows of players that have attepted to play this music on harmonica?

Yiasou Ludo and welcome to our company. The fact that there are people in Belgium who like rembetika is very encouraging!

Yiasou (my Greek is improving by the minute here ;-))
I just stumbled on the posts concerning the conference in Hydra; I haven’t had a holiday this year, so who knows I might go there (that’s how much I like rembetika)

Ηello Ludo,
it’ a brilliant idea for you to come to the conference in Hydra! If you come you’ ll meet a lot of people, some of them are really creazy for Rebetika, some others are professional music players e.t.c. If the “conference” is like the previous one, it 'll be a really Rebetiko party…

the only harmonicaplayer I’ve heard of that plays Greek music (if he plays rembetika I don’t know) is George Armaos. Are there any recordings available on CD?

Kapetan Michalis was the place for the afterparty of the Hydragathering - unfortunately I had the wrong address at Mavromihali or something (maybe Peters lodging, since there were some Scandinavian names on the doorbell).
Next day I bumped into Marleen and Luc who updated me, so we went to the place the night after - no musicians turned up… probably all in for a well deserved rest.
Anyway, it was great meeting you all, and I hope by next year I can speak at least a little more Greek and will have prepared some tunes. So far I’ve been just listening to rembetika - it’s really alien music for my instrument - but I hope to get something together by next year.
Greetings from Belgium (10 degrees Celsius and a storm of 12 Beaufort!!)

Yia sou Ludo. By saying harmonica you mean the accordion?

Όχι, Γιάννη

Χέρω το οργανο πέξω δικο έχει το ονομα “φισαρμικα” στα Ελλενηκά.
(only 2 years of evening school for Greek language doesn’t allow me to respond all the way in proper Greek, sorry for the English)
It’s diatonic mouth organ, like the bluesharp type.

I have an attempt of hijaz-makam taksim titled “Oriental” on my site, if you care to listen
where I combined the bluesharp with a bassharmonica (also mouthblown, with humming simultaneous to get the effect I wanted)

Nice to see a reply to this thread after 4 years :088:

oops…:112: that should read “fisarmonika” of course…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I used to have a friend in Strasbourg (FR), a greek born in France, singer-bouzouki and guitar player. We were in the same rebetiko group (REFA). He had a chromatic harmonica and he played some Hitzaz solos, but I think, after some effort, he got bored and quit.

If you really want to have contact, I’ll send him an email and try to bring you closer.

Thank you Babi, that would be nice!
I’m Flemish-Belgian, but speak some French too - it’s easier than Greek :slight_smile:

ok, listen
I’ll send him an email, asking him If he is always intrested in harmonika etc…, and after his answer I’ll contact you in this forum.