Guitar pro5

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Hello guys,

I use guitar pro 5 sometimes to hear how a song has to be played. When I enter the partiture of a new song which I don’t have the tablature for it displays it in guitar tablature. There’s an option to change the tuning. The only thing is that when I change the tuning to CFAD the tablature gives really high notes.
As I am not really familiar with notes and music theory in general, maybe someone who is more underlied in this can find a solution. The program itself can be easily found on torrent sites. Thanks for your suggestions!

Ta leme

P.S. you can email me at [email protected]

(fotis) #2

Hello there,
actually what you can do is the following:

Go to

tools -> transpose
and select -12 semitones.

With this way you can change the way you sound using octaves.

FYI, as this site is against warez, please do not encourage others to download cracked programs.